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Cassegrain - pop up store by Globe

Cassegrain joins forces with Globe to draw in modern epicureans.

Cassegrain has chosen Globe, France’s leading shopper marketing agency, to assist it with developing its shopper-centric marketing strategy. The agency recommended that Cassegrain deploy a premium direct-to-consumer programme centred around shopper experiences – a new prerequisite for buyers – to allow it to build stronger and more direct ties with customers. This resulted in the Cassegrain Counter, a Neo Bistrot pop-up store that would allow the brand to meet the greatest possible number of customers at just the right time and place.

To attract customers at different moments in their daily routines, Globe has designed a shopper activation strategy that embodies the brand’s platform, allowing passers-by to get a taste of the Cassegrain experience in areas of heavy foot traffic. This premium approach is centred around customer experience – a prerequisite for today’s buyers – allowing the brand to build strong ties with its existing customers, to attract new ones, and to capture a younger audience.

The Cassegrain Counter, a first occasion for the brand to meet its customers

To inaugurate this activation campaign, Globe launched the Cassegrain Counter, a Neo Bistrot concept that propels Cassegrain’s storytelling into the realm of “story-tasting”, making it possible to experience the brand’s platform within the tasting experience.

Like a real restaurant, the Cassegrain Counter offers customers an immersion into the Cassegrain universe through a culinary experience and a highly selective presentation and tasting of the brand’s products prepared on the spot by a chef, who also gives advice and shares his personal tricks. For the occasion, it was important to create specific recipes that give pride of place to Cassegrain’s vegetables. Exquisite care was put into preparation, presentation, and service to turn this moment into a unique multi-sensory experience transforming innovations into events.

Customers leave the Counter with a ready-to-cook sample, allowing them to bring this unique experience home with them.

The Cassegrain Counter was rolled out in train stations and supermarkets in 4 major French markets. It will also be featured at the May 2019 Taste of Paris show held at the Grand Palais. This touch point planning strategy is designed to fit into the lives and consumer decision journeys of customers, generating some 5.5 million customer OTSs (opportunities to see).

To unite and engage the Cassegrain community, and more particularly employees, the Cassegrain Counter is also present at the company’s headquarters.

With this first activation campaign, Globe has designed an immersive direct-to-consumer approach that allows modern epicureans to enjoy new tastes and experiences paired with generosity and sharing, and new discoveries and culinary rituals. Tastings result in a 66.3% buying rate, which means that this ROI- and pleasure-centred strategy has strong chances of transforming first-time tasters into future buyers.


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