The strategic importance of innovation on holiday roads

How to reassure brands and delight their consumers.

High-speed motorways are heavily travelled, playing host to impressively large flows of people (nearly 2.42 million vehicles grace the roads each day). This is particularly true during the season of holiday departures, with a captive audience of potential customers that are often hard to reach (particularly families), at a time that is particularly well suited to buying (some impulse buying is an inherent part of leaving on holiday). The network of motorways has to comply with very strict security standards in terms of production and operational implementation. This is why RFE (Vinci’s motorway advertising network) has exclusively turned to Globe for its activation campaigns, with Globe stepping in to handle every last one of these operational requirements.
These campaigns have enormous impact, are subject to strict time constraints, and require detailed knowledge of shoppers’ practices so that they can be adapted to users’ rest periods, comply with the specificities of the Vinci motorway network’s stringent requirements, and fulfil the needs of advertisers.
Globe coordinates brand activation programmes to create brand-friendly marketing events on motorway networks by mixing customer experience and distribution: sampling at motorway service areas, roadshows at rest stops/service areas, etc. Word of our campaigns spreads effectively thanks to a top-notch visual advertising network and teaser campaigns broadcast on Radio Vinci Autoroute.

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