A pop-up store to acquire customers and draw shoppers into shops

A custom-tailored experience to mark the start of a long relationship

Every woman is unique. Her make-up ritual is, too. This is the insight that led Yves Rocher’s Make-Up Days, where Yves Rocher make-up artists tailor looks to the personality and facial features of individual women and offer custom-tailored make-up sessions.
For the first time ever, each lesson is filmed and offered to participants as a digital video so that they can reproduce their look by themselves at home.
Women leave more beautiful than ever with make-up that suits them perfectly and the solution they need to apply their own make-up at home with the same prowess as a professional make-up artist.
Located at the heart of the flow of shoppers in shopping centres, Yves Rocher pop-up stores allow the brand to make itself known to as many women as possible, and also generate immediate, high-quality traffic to the shopping centre’s Yves Rocher boutique – providing an instant boost to sales.
Yves Rocher’s approach, which puts customers at the heart of the experience via a free personalised service, showcases the brand’s generosity and the lengths it is willing to go to to pay attention to its customers. It allows the brand to become a lasting part of customers’ everyday lives by creating strong, individual ties with them.

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