Lancôme’s beauties

The partnership between Globe and Lancôme has intensified as the years have passed. Their messages first took the form of special promotional offerings before evolving into a multi-year programme.
Lancôme’s challenge is to stand out from the competition in a highly competitive distribution network (Sephora, Marionnaud, etc.), smooth away seasonality, and increase their market share. The solution: take back control over its sales force.
Lancôme Beauties, present in stores all year, are carefully selected specialists who have an extensive knowledge of the brand and its products in every field (skin diagnostics, brushes, perfumes, etc.) as well as the Retail network specificities network.
Training these specialists is the keystone of the system. They receive support throughout the year through seminars and incentive programmes aiming to develop a spirit of cohesion and encourage dialogue around best practices (sales difficulties, how to organise shelf space, how to live ambassadors from the competition, understanding the expectations of store managers, etc.). The long-term partnership has made it possible to develop technological tools such as a video CV and e-learning platform as well as a specific application to get real-time feedback from stores (sales, transformation rates, average sales, customer refusals, etc.).
Lancôme Beauties is a selective programme that gives pride of place to the brand while boosting sales and tracking customer acquisition, average sales and loyalty.
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