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Andros opens its first-ever pop-up juice bar in Narbonne Plage. With this new and original marketing experience, the Andros 100% fruit brand has created a unique, modern and smart place whose heart will beat to the rhythm of the summer season. Designed for families, with play tables and a beach accessories shop, both young and old will be given the opportunity to enjoy exclusive flavours and new recipes at the bar or to take away.

The bar will be open 7 days per week and will remain open for evening events scheduled in Narbonne Plage’s summer programme.

A smart and natural concept store
To introduce its range of fruit juices, its new Duo recipes, and reveal new flavours, Andros has taken a daring step forward with an original experiential campaign, opening its first pop-up bar in Narbonne Plage. Built in a recycled shipping container, this fruity concept store is modern and made with natural materials – wood and foliage – to fit in with the surrounding decor and show the natural character of the brand. Open 7 days per week, from 9 am to 10 pm, the pop-up bar is a place where everything is designed to welcome thirsty foodies in a friendly and warm atmosphere that combines several distinct atmospheres: a terrace to enjoy a drink, a bar for take-away service (glasses or bottles) and an accessory shop.

An inexpensive sneak peek at new recipes
On the terrace, customers will be able to rediscover the pleasure of drinking fruit juice while trying out new recipes. Holiday goers will be given the opportunity to discover the new tomato and cranberry juices served in personalised cups. The takeaway bar, with its Emoticon-Emotijuice showcase, offers a variety of flavours from the brand, including alcohol-free mojito mix and three brand new unreleased fruit duos: Clementine/Mandarin, Apple/Pear, Apple/Strawberry, and Apple/Banana. This area, designed as a shop, is an unprecedented marketing experience. Customers can buy their juice to-go, with their bottle carefully placed in a bag designed to keep drinks cool, even in the gruelling summer temperatures of Narbonne Plage. Inexpensive prices are sure to please everyone regardless of their budget: from €1.50 for a glass to €3.50 for a bottle.

A place for young and old
With its terrace, the Andros Juice Bar seeks to rival the beach resort’s seaside huts, becoming a place for young and old relax and enjoy the sun. At night, adults will enjoy daily happy hours and of the night events scheduled in the Narbonne Plage’s summer event programme, while during the day, children can sit around table that are transformed into play tables so that they can enjoy time with their families. Customers receive a gift for each juice they purchase. T-shirts, Borsalino hats, tote bags, Frisbees, and beach balls will be available at the boutique to entertain beach lovers.


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