Baileys gives a new twist to your nights out with My Baileys and the City

 To give you a chance to discover or rediscover the original Baileys liqueur, Moet Hennessy Diageo and Globe, their Shopper Marketing agency, are launching My Baileys and the City, a Pop-Up Bar that will give a new twist to your girls’ nights out. Designed just for women! With a selection of creative cocktail recipes, a pastel ambiance and surprising locations of the bus stops, My Baileys and the City unexpected and cosy experience can only seduce women. Touring across France.


Baileys, a Moet Hennessy Diageo-group brand, is a unique blend of Irish dairy cream, the finest spirits including world-renowned Irish whisky, and hints of carefully selected vanilla and cocoa bean extracts. The subtle flavours and creaminess of Baileys make it the perfect addition to a variety of elegant and tasteful cocktails.

With the arrival of Spring, Baileys aims to focus on women and tag along with them on their girls’ nights out, with the launch of My Baileys and the City, a cosy moment mean to be paired with a dash of Baileys.

For this occasion, Globe – MHD’s Shopper Marketing agency – has created a Pop-Up Bar that blends pastel colours and ultra-feminine designs to invite women to enjoy a unique, entertaining and gourmet experience with Baileys.

With the help of a personalised questionnaire, they are sure to find the perfect Baileys cocktail to suit them. They will then be able to taste the different cocktails mixed on the spot and create surprising blends of flavours with a side of sweet or salty popcorn, before capturing the moment in the Baileys photobooth.

With the My Baileys and the City Pop-Up Bar, Baileys breaks with women’s everyday routine and explores new and unexpected locations in France.  Some famous fashion and food shows are among their stops: the “Violette Sauvage” a giant, trendy and glamorous rummage sale in Nantes and Paris, the Mode City show, a global reference for lingerie organised in July, Who’s Next, a leading fashion trade show, and Taste of Paris.

The My Baileys and the City bus tour will also make stops in shopping centres.


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