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Take a relaxing break with the new Activia “Touche de” line of yoghurts inspired by teas and herbal teas.

This year, Activia is taking its product line one step further with the release new recipes by launching original flavours inspired by tea, forging a new tasting experience that is both subtle and delicious. “Touche de” is the delicate combination of tea/herbal tea/fruit and yoghurt. For the occasion, the brand built a transparent bubble on the square in front of Gare St Lazare station, embodying the natural spirit of “Touche de” yoghurts.

Inside the “Touche de” bubble: discovering the product line’s universe

  1. Tea-room style tasting

Different tasting areas are available for customers: a bar, a snacking area, a restaurant (lunch), and a lounging area.

  1. A refreshing service ritual with class to spare

Customers are served in a way that is reminiscent of tea time: a saucer, a branded napkin, and a cool glass of iced tea.

  1. Fun with photos

Photos taken are immediately printed. Photos and gifs are also sent by email.

Sample tasting on the go.

The brand ambassador gives a sample and a page of coupons to customers.

Lastly, a three-wheel cargo bike sporting decorative plant life offers samples to potential customers on the go.


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