A sampling campaign organised by Globe

Actimel heads down into underground transport stations to give commuters a chance to kick off their day positively!

Actimel, which in April inaugurated its new brand signature “Stay Strong”, has rolled out a omnicanal marketing campaign. Taking a tone of familiarity with consumers, this offbeat publicity strategy encourages them to use positivity when faced with the hassles of everyday life.

In this context, to return Actimel to its former place as an indispensable part of French consumers’ mornings, an unprecedented sampling campaign was launched in the metro during breakfast hours. This massive campaign allowed 450,000 “perfect format” bottles to be distributed in three major French markets.

Over 100 sampling points in transport stations and connection points were carefully selected by Globe for the heavy amounts of traffic they see each day. Teams of brand ambassadors sporting the brand’s colours gave consumers an opportunity to try out the new blueberry-flavoured variety of Actimel.

Innovative refrigeration logistics made it possible to distribute bottles without breaking the cold chain, from storage until consumers tasted the products. At the same time, discount coupons were put in place to encourage consumers to purchase Actimel products on store shelves.

The sampling campaign immediately proved its success in real time – as evidenced by the tweets and Facebook posts that quickly sprouted up – and in post-tests, in light of the measured impact on brand awareness and buying intentions.


Memorization rate
Of satisfaction after tasting
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