Successful airport promotion for the 100th anniversary of House of Suntory

An amazing activation leaded by BARON and GLOBE TRAVEL RETAIL

Baron x Maison Suntory : une activation en aéroport réussie pour les 100 ans de la marque !

The background:

To mark the 100th anniversary of House of Suntory, Beam Suntory teamed up with Frankfurt Media, Frankfurt Airport Retail Frankfurt Media,(Gebr. Heinemann and Frankfurt Airport Retail ) for an impressive airport promotion.

Tourists and global shoppers from all over the world, business people in a hurry or experienced travelers – all these travelers with their different cultures and expectations are potential customers for travel retail. The challenge for brands is to break away from the recipes of traditional retail in order to attract a fascinating but diverse, less loyal and highly price-oriented customer.

To do this, the brand needed the support of BARON in cooperation with GLOBE TRAVEL RETAIL, the expert of sales techniques and brand activation for global shoppers. Our mission is to help brands to (re)sell through the travel retail network by improving the experience at the point of sale: more personalization through state-of-the-art customer advice, hyper-specialization of sales staff to develop cross-selling and up-selling. Our approach is focused on quality and a first-class shopping experience.

Objectives of the campaign:

Our mission is to offer passengers the best shopping experience at the airport. This has been achieved through:

  • The selection of the best brand ambassadors.
  • Increase in sales, impulse purchases and the average shopping basket.
  • To offer the shopper an exclusive and unforgettable experience.

To achieve the brand’s goals

  1. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of House of Suntory.
  2. Presentation of the limited editions of Yamazaki 12-Year-Old and Hibiki Master Select.
  3. Raising awareness of Suntory’s extensive premium beverage portfolio.

Activities and highlights:

  • Product exhibition: Presentation of the limited editions for the 100th anniversary of Yamazaki 12-Year-Old and Hibiki Master Select.
  • Suntory Portfolio: Presentation of the entire Suntory portfolio including Chita Grain Whisky, Toki Whisky, AO World Whisky, Roku Japanese Gin and Haku Japanese Craft Vodka.
  • Activation design: The 20 square meter activation was bright, airy and open and furnished with natural materials that created a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Digital touchpoints: Interactive digital touchpoints highlighting the history and heritage of Japanese whisky making and its distinctive elements.
  • Guided tastings: Special brand ambassadors offered guided tastings of Hibiki and Toki whisky as well as Roku gin.


Maison Suntory activation at Frankfurt Airport by BARON.

Results and successes:

  • Great response: The promotion met with a great response from passengers and offered an unforgettable experience for travelers looking for something out of the ordinary in travel retail.
  • Strong partnership: The cooperation with Frankfurt Media and Gebr. Heinemann was highlighted as a successful partnership.
  • Raising awareness: The unique Japanese craftsmanship of Suntory whisky distilleries and their art of blending were highlighted, raising the profile of Suntory’s premium drinks portfolio.

Feedback and perspectives:

Manuel Gonzalez, Beam Suntory Brand Marketing Director Global Travel Retail, expressed his optimism: « I am confident that these collector’s whiskies will be well received by discerning local whisky buyers and will significantly enhance the passenger experience ».

Bastian-Philipp Müller, Head of Buying Spirits at Gebr. Heinemann, added: « This flagship activation is a true embodiment of Japanese spirits culture at Frankfurt Airport and promises an unforgettable experience for travelers. We are very proud to celebrate this remarkable anniversary together with our valued partner, House of Suntory. »

The successful airport promotion for the 100th anniversary of House of Suntory demonstrates the effectiveness of the strategic partnership and the ability to create unique experiences to successfully showcase Suntory’s premium beverage portfolio.