Belvita gives a little crunch to your daily breakfast routine

Belvita - metro sampling

In February, Belvita – a brand specialised in whole-grain breakfast biscuits – is heading out to meet commuters in the metro to offer them a full dose of energy and help them get the day off to a great start. The national sampling campaign organised by Globe and Metrobus allowed the brand to distribute one million travel-sized packs of Belvita biscuits during breakfast hours.

A historic industry leader in the breakfast biscuits market, Belvita (of the Mondelèz Group) is a source of energy that lasts all day long.

And what better place and time than the morning commute to school, university, or work to have customers try Belvita Honey Chocolate Chip biscuits in their convenient travel-sized packs – just the right size to take along in the morning when you’re pressed for time.

To allow commuters to get the day off to a great start with all the energy they need for the day, Globe coordinated a massive national sampling campaign in underground rail networks, boasting an unbeatable reach of three million commuters per day.

The campaign was carried out by Globe’s own teams in 320 sampling points in transport stations and connection points carefully selected for the heavy amounts of traffic they see each day.

This warm and friendly campaign quickly showed its effectiveness: in six days, one million travel-sized packs and one million coupons were distributed, allowing the brand to share a delicious source of morning energy with massive amounts of potential customers. This was a real source of additional sales, increasing purchases by 10% after five days – 3 times higher than the unreached control audience.

The Evian Drop Bottle
Reinventing natural mineral water

Evian, France’s leading brand of mineral water is taking the offensive with its latest launch of an ultra-innovative bottle, the Evian Drop Bottle, which combines portability, consumer rituals, and above all, a new distribution channel with direct-to-consumer sales in carefully selected markets.

“We want to develop opportunities to drink Evian that don’t exist today, in places where the offering is limited,”said Véronique Penchienati, Managing Director of Danone Water France.

The Goal? Boost Evian’s image, join the selective distribution market, generate direct sales, and demonstrate outside-the-box thinking in the water industry.

It took over a year to create dedicated in-store advertising featuring the famous mountain chain, finding just the perfect balance between style and technology to achieve a perfect bottle format that flawlessly fits into the logistical chain. With locations in the strategic markets of Paris and Marseille, thanks to partnerships with local governments and newspaper and magazine kiosks, Evian pop-up stores allow direct-to-consumer sales with crates that are perfectly suited to the new bottle format. Digitally amplified of the digital via a specially developed app and Twitter users could share the hashtag #evianjaisoif to find the nearest point of sale on a map.

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