Effective Shopper Experience

GLOBE is an agency
that imagines and implements
experiences that turn
consumers into shoppers.

  • Now that shoppers are ultra-connected, experts in the art of decoding adverts, and swamped with promotional messages, the sales experience has become fundamental.

    Today, an activation device must be part of any brand’s communication strategy to engage conversation and trigger interaction.
    We bring consumers closer to brands, by providing them with a unique, memorable experience.

  • To boost sales, the desire for immediate purchase must be triggered.

    People hate being sold to, but love to buy. Shopper marketing represents the focal point of three key groups: buyer, distributor and brand.

    We focus all attention on the customer in a dynamic purchase process. We work on all the relevant points of contact both outside and inside the store to create an effective activation program, based on a real strategy and not just specific techniques.

  • What is not measured is not managed.

    Shopper marketing is a powerful commercial tool which has a considerable impact on brands. Along with its clients, Globe defines indicators to assess the relevance of its recommendations, to benchmark and validate the effectiveness of its actions.

    We have set up a study methodology to ensure post-testing of each campaign based on transactional KPIs and branding KPIs.

    All our operations are monitored using a Score card to measure sales, audience, branding and experience.

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The 38 Boissiere

The Globe head office is at 38 rue Boissière, in the center of the 16th arrondissement in Paris.
The value of our agency lies in its talented, dedicated, original and creative team. At 38 Boissière, the intensity of office life is combined with a design-based, inventive approach. The small 18th century building is boosted by contemporary art. Works of art selected for their meaning, never elitist but considered, urban and inspiring.

A French Success Story

Jeremy Dahan, Chairman of Globe Groupe, learned his trade in the luxury market in the USA, notably with LVMH. Shopper Marketing is widespread in the American market, but remains discreet in France. Jeremy was convinced of the potential of this new consumer-centered vision, and created Globe Groupe in 2002. Now a leader in its field, the agency helps to spread the word in France, while developing the sector in Europe, with the 2014 acquisition of a subsidiary in Germany.


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