Internalize all the resources necessary for each campaign, from strategic discussion to deployment in the field. An organization designed to respond to brand requirements in real time.

Strategic consultants

Our know-how is based on a team of experts in strategic planning.

Globe operates on a system of constant watch enabling us to anticipate and decode consumption trends, to study changes in the ecosystems of brand names and competitive sectors, as well as to understand shoppers’ behavior.
By cross-referencing the market analysis with the specifics of the brand, we can deduce the most relevant levers to be activated, and the associated marketing action plan.
Our obsession: programs to create value for the brand, which are always structured around the shopper and the store.

Strategic consultants

Creative solutions

Our actions are structured around a veritable creation division. Globe designs creative, ambitious activation campaigns... that are always realistic.

An international team from the world of advertising, driven by a shared desire to examine the shopper experience.
Art director, designers, copywriters, retail designers, 3D graphic artists, sketch artists… a collection of talents to ensure the success of the creative leap that is essential to an effective activation program.

Creative solutions

Non-media planning

Determining the best points of contact means deciding when and where to orchestrate brand expression.

The power of an activation campaign is based on the relevance of its geographic cover and calendar of actions, to ensure an accurate definition of reach.
Our recommendations are founded upon the analysis and cross-referencing of key data: empirical data from our field experience and statistics (RATP, INSEE, IRIS, etc.), gathered and analyzed by our study center.


  • Globe has opted to integrate all resources, at each stage of deployment, in order to meet our strict requirements for flexibility and quality control.

    We produce the operations that we design: design office, sourcing and manufacture. Skilled craftsmen based in and around Paris (woodworkers, drivers, assistants, sound/light/video technicians, decorators, etc.) with ultra-modern equipment ensure the deployment of our creations 24/7. Pop-up stores, made-to-measure furniture, stands, PVC, vehicle covers… pure technical expertise to ensure optimal productivity.

  • The Globe agency is organized around centers of expertise. We manage castings, recruitment, training and payroll.

    Globe thus manages a network of 27,000 brand ambassadors and 15,000 promoters, issuing some 60,000 payslips every year. Our back-office, a veritable hot-line, keeps us in contact with our teams in the field, providing upstream information, interacting during operations and ensuring feedback at the end of each campaign.

  • To ensure a direct response to needs and events in the field, we provide the logistics for our operations 7 days a week.

    Storage, kitting, dispatch, cold-chain logistics, stand installation, after-sales checks, parking reservations, permits... every aspect is managed by a professional team working with specific logistics management software. The agency also has a large fleet of customizable vehicles (tricycles, food trucks, Airstream caravans, XXL Smart cars, pick-ups, minivans, etc.) Globe is present in Paris and throughout France, with 6 logistics warehouses around the country.

  • GLOBE implements and guarantees the operational deployment of your activation campaigns.

    Our processes are ambitious and involve realistic, connected solutions adapted to field-related constraints. Scouting, management of authorizations, traffic and parking control, liaising with municipalities, shopping centers, security checkpoints and department managers, prevention plans, roadbook, etc. All these skills guarantee exemplary achievements. Our regional presence gives us the flexibility and real-time responsiveness needed to address the situation in the field.

Analysis & measurement

Globe implements a system to measure the effectiveness of its activation operations by developing a brand activation reference GRP.

Our methodology is based on two types of indicators: quantitative data (collected via the enumerative model) and qualitative indicators obtained from post-tests combined with reference post-tests (developed in collaboration with IFOP).
Our objectives? To measure the impact of activations on branding and on the transaction.