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Yves Rocher’s make-up days

A customized make-up tutorial on a USB key

An off-site pop-up store to recruit and generate traffic in stores

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Bespoke experience to initiate long-lasting relationships

Every woman is unique, as is her make-up ritual. This is the thinking behind the Make-Up Days. Yves Rocher’s Make-up Artists adapt the looks to everyone’s personality and face, and offer customized make-up sessions.

For the first time, every session is filmed live and a digital version is given to the participant so that she can reproduce this look herself at home.

Yves Rocher brings out the best in women by providing them with make-up best suited to them and showing them how to apply it themselves, like a professional.
Located in the heart of the shopping center, Yves Rocher’s pop-up stores introduce the brand to as many shoppers as possible while generating immediate and quality traffic for the center’s Yves Rocher store, thereby boosting sales.

Yves Rocher’s approach, placing customers at the heart of the experience via a customized and 100% free service, demonstrates the brand’s generosity and careful attention given to its customers. This allows it to durably become part of their everyday life by building a strong and personal relationship.

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