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A major tour inside and outside stores

Tropicana, the undisputed leader of the fruit juice market, wants to change its “Quality Juice” status to become a “Love Brand” embodying the strong values of pleasure, emotion, vitality and the benefit of fruit.

The activation strategy consists of initiating communication with shoppers on a one-to-one basis, by focusing on the organoleptic experience.

For the first time, the famous fruit juice brand is meeting the French via the Tropicana Juice Bar. An Airstream caravan, dozens of mobile mini-juice bars, a contextualized photo call and signage which evolves along with the brand’s strong points contributed to sharing the brand’s values with nearly 1 million French people.

The success of this activation is based on a specific non-media plan, created to combine branding with transaction, always consistent with the latest activities of the brand. High streets, seaside resorts, Roland Garros, supermarket & hypermarket car parks, central purchasing bodies, in-store events and trade shows played host to the event, publicized on social media throughout the tour.

The integrated approach generated a virtuous circle with a positive influence on the general public as well as BtoB customers, and feedback measured in terms of transactions and proximity to the brand.

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