Treat yourself to Milka Daim: to be shared with everyone

A new pack inspiring an entire activation process

Live tasting sessions to encourage online sharing

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Irresistible and viral activation

Milka Daim is releasing a new format, even more indulgent, with its XL pack. Presented in a large format, fun and crunchy, Milka Daim is the epitome of family confectionery, to be shared every day while watching a movie.

The idea is to take advantage of this occasion and the consumption pattern by encouraging sharing with the #share with everyone Facebook game. A simple process inviting people to post original selfies with the new Milka Daim XL pack, exclusively publicized online and in sales outlets.

100 partner supermarkets & hypermarkets participate in the game in the form of a LIVE operation. The Milka Daim usherettes will encourage more than 400,000 shoppers to taste the confectionery presented in cones with a regressive retro look.

The success of this activation is based on the original “Drive to store to Web” approach which generates UGC, a buzz and sales. The product is at the heart of the digital and live experience. The absence of the sample format is circumvented to become one of the key points of the process.

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