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Accompanying consumers on their holiday road trips

The strategic importance of being part of the holiday journey

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Reassure clients and delight their consumers

Motorways are genuine transit points, with major population flows (nearly 2.42 million vehicles on the roads every day), particularly at the start of the holiday season, a captive audience with contacts which can otherwise be difficult to reach (notably families), at a time particularly conducive to consumption (purchasing desire inherent in going on holiday). This motorway network must respond to stringent safety standards in terms of production and operations. This is why, for the past 4 years, RFE (the advertising sales agency for VINCI motorways) has exclusively entrusted the GLOBE agency with its activation campaigns, to manage all these operational constraints.

Appropriately scheduled campaigns with a formidable impact, which require excellent knowledge of shoppers, to adapt to user break times, respect the specific constraints of Vinci’s motorway network and respond to the brands’ expectations.

GLOBE orchestrates activation programs designed to animate the motorway network by combining experience with dissemination: sampling in service areas, Roadshows in rest/service areas, etc. Our operations are announced early on via a powerful billboard network and teaser campaigns on Radio Vinci Autoroute.

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