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Maison Guerlain has been driven by its quest for beauty for 185 years. 5 generations of perfumers, emblematic creations, expertise in 3 areas (perfumes, care, cosmetics), a network of exclusive stores, within the top 3 selective perfumery companies. Bold creativity from Maison Guerlain!

The activation of Maison Guerlain’s sales network should also be bold and consistent with market share development objectives in the selective perfumery and exclusive store networks. While the challenge and values are the same, the resources must be adapted to the activated network. Generating traffic and visibility for the stores, recruitment and change for selective perfumeries.

In terms of product launches (e.g. La Petite Robe Noire), brand strong points (Le Miroir Magique) or event operations (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.), every communication relies on a panel of Guerlain experts trained in the company’s rituals and sales pitches, as well as on assessment tools for monitoring KPIs in real time.

This partnership was built over time, based on sales strategy and data.

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