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Kleenex Balsam Days

Kleenex in search of emotions

Even iconic brands need to create bonds

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A word from Véronique Bontemps, MD, Kimberly-Clark France

Tell us about the collaboration between Globe Groupe and Kimberly-Clark?

“Over the years, the operations have intensified, becoming increasingly qualitative and targeted… At the same time, Kleenex has changed. We felt that the brand had the breadth and legitimacy to switch from an approach clearly focused on functional aspects to a more emotional dimension”

Balsam Days to “Gently prepare for the winter”
“This is why Globe Groupe proposed the organization of product-focused creative workshops in all major shopping malls, where the participants were able to create something, exchange with one another, share a moment, photos, etc. When a shopper marketing agency is capable of deploying events in the right shopping mall, in the right place at the right time, the brand and sales can be activated very effectively”.

A global and integrated strategy
“Everybody contributes to guaranteeing the utmost consistency and efficacy of the different contact points. To achieve a global recommendation, the agencies must work more upstream and establish project groups”.

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