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The first Food Truck dedicated to fruit

(Re)introduce families to the pleasure of fruit

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Free event and tasting session with the 1st Food Truck dedicated to Fruit

As market leader, Andros must work hard within its category and (re)introduce generations X and Y to the pleasure, indulgence and variety of fruit, making fruit part of their daily lives.
Inspired by French people’s passion for street food, the urban alternative to junk food, Andros is heading off to meet families on board its Food Truck dedicated to fruit.

Like a real commercial Food Truck, particular care has been taken with the design and layout of the Andros truck, while its indulgent menu varies throughout the day to showcase the entire range. A dedicated website helps track the Food Truck’s route. And because nothing is more important than consumer satisfaction: there are touch screens so customers can express their views in real time on the products they have tasted.

While the older generation stocks up on vitamins, the younger ones participate in the Andros bounce ‘n’ pick game on the giant trampoline.

High streets, supermarkets & hypermarkets, service areas, campsites, beaches, Kid Expo, Drive Show, ski resorts, etc. a 2-year tour which is still going strong.

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